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Bob Weir's 'Under 5 Small Business Guide'

As a small business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities. From managing your cashflow, gaining new customers, managing your staff and your customer relationships, not to mention any legal and tax requirements. It all leaves precious little time for you to set your business and personal goals and determine a strategy for achieving them. Not to mention the toll it can take on your personal wellbeing.

Take Charge is our solution to this problem. You might call it a small business owner support programme, but it’s much more than that. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your business, helping you to create the time to set clear goals for the future of your business; goals that lead you to the outcomes you were hoping for when you started your small business. Then we’ll help you work through the process of achieving those goals, examining every aspect of your business and giving you the tools, advice and support you need to achieve. We’ll even help you to take care of yourself in the process – after all, how can your business deliver for you, if you’re not healthy enough to run it?

Our Take Charge service means you’ll work directly with Pinpoint Business founder Bob Weir who can help you to, well, Take Charge of your business. This is delivered by way of a monthly planning meeting, follow up action plans and of course, ongoing email and phone support throughout.  Areas that Bob can specifically support and advise you on in your small business include:

  • Specific goal development
  • Strategy development and general business planning
  • A review of your financial reports
  • Day-to-day operations advice and support
  • Sales and marketing challenges, including sales and marketing planning
  • People management (both staff and customers)
  • Systems and processes
  • Funding challenges
  • Financial performance (including cashflow management), and of course;
  • Your wellbeing

In order to keep the costs of this service to a minimum, our Take Charge service requires the business owner to take action on a number of areas we advise on, but Bob is there to support you every step of the way. If you’d prefer a service where many of the actions are taken care of for you, take a look at our Take Charge Premium service.

We don’t believe in tying clients in to long-term contracts, but we do require a six-month commitment in order to justify the time we’ll spend upfront to get to know you and your business and get it moving in the right direction. It’s the only way we can help your small business with the advice you need to achieve your specific goals. 

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