Focusing years of experience and expertise into valuable support and advice for small business owner success

In the world of small business, there’s very little that the Pinpoint Business team haven’t seen or dealt with over their many years of experience. But all this experience and support counts for little if it’s not directed toward the outcomes that you—the small business owner—seek.

Pinpoint Business exists for one simple reason:

To help small business owners achieve the success they seek – and deserve!

We do this across our range of business services tailored to meet the business and life situation you’re in right now. We can provide sound advice and support, to help your small business get to where you want it to be.

Meet the Pinpoint Business team

Bob Weir

Bob Weir

Bob brings over 30 years of hands-on business experience. That means his advice is grounded in actual application, so it’s practical. Best of all, it’s based on proven performance.

Bob has run companies and teams from a few people through to hundreds of staff. He’s managed businesses with multi-million dollar budgets and billion dollar revenues as well as businesses with very small budgets, including his own small businesses.

Bob has also offered support and advice to hundreds of small businesses from all types of industries over many years.

Pinpoint Business is small, which means Bob works directly with you, and he utilises a small part-time team assisting with marketing, strategy, product design, finance and administration.

You can find out more about Bob’s experience from his LinkedIn page:

Judy Weir

Judy Weir

Judy also brings over 25 years experience in project management, technical roles and leadership roles.

Judy had over 20 years leading teams of people in industrial facilities as well as leading multi-million dollar capital projects.  After a break to bring up the kids she returned to her technical roots consulting as an industrial chemist.   She manages to juggle this work, the family and keeping Pinpoint Business on track and heading in the right direction.

Judy provides strategic and marketing support for Bob as he helps you.  She will engage with you (and all Pinpoint Business’ customers) to ensure things are going smoothly and to see how we can continually assist you.

Jo Sanders

Jo Sanders

Jo Sanders keeps a close eye on all the accounting and financial aspects of Pinpoint Business’ activities.  Jo achieved her Accounting Technician qualification in her home country of Ireland. She has worked for a Chartered Accountant, as well as in the music and computer industries. She is a very proficient XERO user, well versed in debtor management and business administration.

She moved to New Zealand 15 years ago with her Kiwi husband and has four beautiful children, one girl and three boys.  Outside the office, Jo enjoys time with family and friends and spends many, many hours as a taxi driver and sports supporter for her lovely children.

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