The go-to guide designed to help new business owners thrive

Bob Weir's 'Under 5 Small Business Guide'

Bob Weir's 'Under 5 Small Business Guide'

Starting your new small business is a big step. Now comes the fun (and sometimes difficult) part of making sure that your business thrives. But how do you get the support and advice you need when you’re relying on practically every cent you have to get your new business up and running?

Enter 'Under 5 Small Business Guide'. It was written to help small business owners just like you. Broken into simple chapters designed to walk you through each of the most important aspects of your business. Here’s the areas of support you can expect from Bob Weir's 'Under 5 Small Business Guide':

  • Understanding your wellbeing and resilience
  • Getting to know your skills and personality
  • Defining your business goals and purpose
  • Why you need to be clear about what your business stands for
  • Your long-term plans in business
  • How to reach your customers
  • Employing and keeping the best people
  • Determining your key priorities
  • Identifying legal issues for your business
  • Creating systems and process for your daily tasks
  • Understanding and managing your finances
  • Sourcing and securing funding for your business
  • Working out what your business is worth
  • Where you can turn for help

As every small business owner with under 5 staff knows, your business, family and personal lives connect in ways that don’t usually apply to bigger businesses. This book’s holistic approach recognises these close ties and helps you succeed in both your business and your personal goals.

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