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One of the often over-looked areas of successfully running a business, is managing successfully to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy in the process, and reducing your stress levels is a key component of this. As a business owner, you have the greatest ability to bring the business success the success you seek, but your absence due to ill health is one of your greatest risks.  Needless to say, you need to be enjoying your business life – it needs to be bringing fulfilment, meaning and some level of happiness.

Managing your stress levels is often difficult if the performance of your business is not where you want it to be. In many cases, we can help you to ease stress levels by implementing more effective solutions across the management of your business. These include helping to improve your cash flow (a key contributor to rising stress for business owners), optimise your operational efficiency or drive more customer enquiry.

In addition to your day-to-day operations, if you are continually stressed, lack sleep, are compromising your relationships, or your diet and exercise is poor, it will impact on the quality of the business decisions you make.  You need to build the personal resilience to ensure you can sustain the business in the long run through the good and the bad times.

We can help you to manage your wellbeing more effectively by:

1. Discussing how you are feeling about the business and what you would want to see change.

2. Providing you with questionnaires and material that you can use to determine where you are most vulnerable, if you want to self assess this.

3. Building rules and actions in to the running of your business to improve the situation.

4. Determining other ways to manage the risk if you can't work due to poor health (e.g. succession, insurances).

5. Identify some of the key areas in your business that could be improved to help you remove some of your stress triggers.

If you feel like your business is getting the best of you, take back your life, and your livelihood – contact us today.

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