Operational management expertise is about doing the little things well

Once you have established your goals you have to deliver the day-to-day activities exceptionally well. You need to set your standards and deliver them consistently. This needs to include:

  • Day-to-day people and resource planning processes.

  • Job management and time management.

  • The correct choice and use of systems including software systems.

  • Inventory management.

We can assist you in all of these by:

  • Establishing the top priorities that impact on the efficiency of your operations.

  • Choosing systems that will address these issues, including, cloud based software for accounting, job management, inventory, point-of-sale and other small business software packages.

  • Reviewing legal requirements like health and safety, intellectual property, agreements or contracts.

  • Working with the team to find ways to ensure changes are supported by staff and are sustainable.

  • Identifying and eliminating waste.

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