Specific advice and strategy development to help SME owners reach their ultimate success

Small-medium business (SME) owners face a different kind of pressure in their businesses. More often than not, the business is generating solid incomes and is profitable, but there can often be something missing for the owner. This might be a lack of passion after working hard to build the business up over a number of years. It might be a desire to move on, or a drive to push for even greater success. In some cases, it could be a nagging feeling that the market is shifting and so there’s a need for the business strategy to shift with it.

Business owners in these situations are having to deal with a wide range of complex issues, not least of which is the consideration and pressure that comes with employing and managing a number of people.

Pinpoint Business offer strategic and planning advice to small-medium (SME) business owners who find themselves in these types of situations. We start by determining what success looks like for you, the owner, and then work with you to create a strategy to deliver that success, followed by actionable plans and ongoing support and advice.

How do we support SME Business Owners?

A customised strategic service to create the outcomes you desire

Pinpoint Business provides a unique one-on-one monthly package, which will see Bob Weir directly supporting you to achieve the outcomes you desire as the owner of a small-medium (SME) business.


Enjoy a free coffee (or tea) and discover how Pinpoint Business might be able to help your business thrive with a free, no-obligation meeting with Bob Weir. We're happy to come to your office in Hamilton, Cambridge, Morrinsville or Te Awamutu, or meet you at your favourite local café – we'll even shout the coffee (or tea). It won't cost anything to meet with us, but we promise you'll get loads of value from our meeting.


The Take Charge Small Business Owners Development Training provides a series of monthly meetings with Bob Weir, and all the support calls and emails you need. It also includes access to many of our other services, including the Business Health Review. Bob’s advice and support will help you to set up your business so that it starts to deliver you the kind of outcomes you hoped for when you started your small business.

Take Charge is eligible for vouchers under the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Regional Business Partner Network


Health Review logo.png

Includes the free meeting, as well as a full review of the business finances. We will provide our recommendations and view of the business


The business may be at a certain stage requiring some mediation to longer term plans, goal setting and assessment of risks. We offer half day or full day strategy planning sessions.


Success in business is usually defined in terms of the size of the business — the bigger you are the more successful you must be. However, over 90% of businesses around the world have fewer than five employees. So, you can remain small AND be very successful — it is simply how YOU define success.

This book takes you through the steps to small business success.

As every small business owner knows, your business, family and personal lives connect in ways that don’t apply to bigger businesses. This book takes a holistic view at your small business and most importantly at you, your well-being and your happiness in running your small business and how you achieve success, as you define it.


In reading this book you will learn why businesses fail, and what role being human played in the decisions made. Most importantly, you will learn what can be done to be more successful in our business lives.

Take a journey through the irrational mind that we all share and see what part that mind plays in the success and failure of business. Share the background and the stories of those at the heart of these failures and many other real-life events in business in New Zealand and from around the world


This can be the most critical decision in business. IT is a process strongly weighted in favour of the seller. It is critical the purchase follows the process…


Bob has sat on many boards. Being both in the directors chair and in an advisory role. He can review board performance or act in a advisory basis or director.

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Why choose Pinpoint Business?

Small-medium (SME) business owners choose Pinpoint Business because:

  • Their business is doing well but they are not at the point that they want to be

  • Something in the business is ‘not right’ but they’re not sure what

  • Their market is changing and they’re not sure how to respond or adapt

  • They’re exhausted from years of building and running the business

  • They’re running out of ideas to continue to grow and expand their business

  • They need an external perspective

  • Their business has reached a point where new and different experience is needed

  • They’ve had enough and want to move on

  • Their once successful business is starting to decline

  • They need to improve the systems in their business

  • They need to manage high levels of financial commitment and stress

  • They are struggling with Staff / Management related issues

They stay with Pinpoint Business because: 

  • We take the time to get to know our clients as well as their businesses

  • We create solutions for our clients that are tailored specifically to their needs as well as the needs of their business

  • We help our clients identify what’s not working and then identify solutions

  • We take on the specific planning work to be done freeing up the owner to focus on their business

  • We operate in a de-facto advisory board capacity (with other advisors where required) to help steer the business toward its goals

  • We ensure our clients take action to ensure they get great results

  • We work hard to keep our clients engaged and motivated to keep working toward their goals

  • We guide our clients to create a business that meets their personal and professional need