We here to help get your small business working for you

Regardless of where your small business is at in its life, it’s likely that you’ll need good quality, affordable advice and dependable support to help you get the most from your small business. But the business advisor support you need might vary significantly depending on how established your businesses is or how experienced you are as a business owner. The support you can afford will also vary greatly depending on where your small business is at today.

At Pinpoint Business, we work with a range of small business owners to help them get more from their business. As an example, here are five common areas that we regularly support our clients with: (click on each for more info).

  1. More money. We can help to reduce financial issues and get more money flowing into your business.

  2. Better operations. We’ll help identify processes and systems to improve your operations and give you more time.

  3. More Customers. We can support your sales and marketing efforts to help you attract and retain your ideal customer.

  4. Clearer Direction. We’ll help you understand what you want from your business, then help you achieve it.

  5. Less Stress. Combined with each of the above, we’ll help you have more enjoyment and less stress from your business.

If one or more of these sound like the kind of outcomes you want for your small business, why not connect with Pinpoint founder Bob Weir, and discover how to get your business really working for you.



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You Can Learn From Their Mistakes

Thousands of New Zealand businesses are liquidated every year. Many thousands more simply disappear for reasons we may never know. Take a journey through hundreds of case studies and stories on failed businesses. Explore the role the irrational human mind played and most importantly, how to be more successful in business.