Five great services to support start-up founders and entrepreneurs

If you’ve recently taken the leap into entrepreneurship, or if you're just launching a new start-up business, congratulations! Welcome to the challenge and enjoyment that comes from being a entrepreneur. Getting your new start-up to a point where it’s delivering what you want from it, is a rewarding journey but it does have its stresses.

At Pinpoint Business, we’re dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, with tools and services to help you expand your knowledge and confidence. We offer a range of services that support new entrepreneurs and start-up business owners to create a great business that works for them.

We also recognise that when you’re just starting out, you don’t have loads of money to be able to afford the support you might ideally like. Which is why we’ve created a range of low cost tools that can help you improve your confidence and your business performance.

Here's some of the great low-cost support we can provide entrepreneurs:

The BOSS (Business Owner Success STRATEGIEs) Workshop

If you’re the kind of business owner who wants to take charge of your future and you’re prepared to do a bit of work to get there, we offer our BOSS Workshops. The workshops are run over 6 weeks (a total of four, 3.5-hour planning workshops) to provide you with the tools to get your business set up for longer term success. We’ll walk you through each area of your business and help you to understand the most important aspects of your business to focus on, especially in the early stages.

The workshop utilises the resources available in our Under5 Small Business website.   A one-year membership of the Under5 site is included in the workshop attendance fee. Best of all, the attendance fee is for the business, so it costs nothing extra to bring your partner along, in fact we recommend it. BOSS Workshops are only run in Hamilton at this stage. For dates and times for our next workshop, click the button below.

The Under5 Small Business Guide

Pinpoint Business founder Bob Weir, has written a handy guide that will give you a simple overview of all the core elements you’ll need to cover to successfully manage and grow your small business.

Packed with useful information that’s specifically targeted to small business owners in companies with 5 or less staff. To find out more about the guide, or to get a copy, simply click the link below.

Under5 Small Business

If reading a book isn’t your thing, or you’d like to dive deeper into taking practical action to help your small business move forward, we’ve created the Under5 Small Business website.

The site offers guided support to small business owners, with a wealth of informative videos, exercises, templates and other resources to help you take control of the future of your small business.

Under5 PLUS

We’ve discovered that some entrepreneurs want a little more one-on-one support to help guide them through the early start-up stages. To meet this need, we offer a support package wrapped around our Under5 Small Business website service.

Essentially, you get all the same access to the Under5 site (as outlined above), but we’ll also arrange a skype or phone meeting with you each month to discuss how your business is going, make suggestions on where to focus your efforts next for best results, and guide you to the best sections of the Under5 site to help you develop your business knowledge and confidence. We’ll also follow you up each month to help you stay on track with the actions you’ll need to take to create a business that truly works for you.

Habit 7 Forum

Pinpoint Business and the Waikato Chamber of Commerce, have a joint Forum called Habit 7.  This is a 90-minute session focused on providing small business owners valuable information in one specific area of business. 

Each Habit 7 event will include presentations from experts in the particular field being covered, giving you access to great information to help make your business thrive. Each event covers a different business topic. Click below to discover our next event.

Why choose Pinpoint Business?

Our Entrepreneur clients choose to work with PINPOINT BUSINESS BECAUSE: 

  • They lack business confidence and want to improve their knowledge
  • They feel overwhelmed by their business and don’t know where to start
  • They’re trying to grow their business so they can give up their ‘day job’
  • They’re struggling to manage the needs of the business and the needs of their family
  • They’re sure of what to do next and don’t have anyone to turn to for support or advice
  • They’re battling with thoughts of giving up
  • They want to build a business that meets all their personal and professional needs

Entrepreneurs and start-up founders STAY WITH PINPOINT BUSINESS BECAUSE: 

  • We offer flexible solutions that suit their budget and time constraints
  • We don’t try to sell services in which we’re not experts – though we have a wide network of support partners we can recommend
  • We educate our clients to ensure they become self-sufficient
  • We don’t lumber unnecessary costs on our clients
  • We help entrepreneurs clarify what they want from their business, so we can help them start to achieve it
  • We ensure our clients take action so they get great results
  • We work hard to keep our clients engaged and motivated to keep working toward their goals
  • We provide our clients the support they need to get their business to the next level