Helping small business owners create a business that meets their needs

Small business owners face very real pressure in their businesses, not least of which is simply the difficulty in taking time out. Pinpoint Business founder Bob Weir works closely with each of our small business owners, providing advice to help them create a business that works for their needs. Whether that’s managing their time at work so they have more to spend with their children, or helping them set and reach important personal and professional goals.

Bob’s many years of experience, not to mention abundant energy when it comes to supporting and advising small business owners, can help you to enjoy a new level of performance from your small business.

How do we support Small Business Owners?


Pinpoint Business provides three distinct one-on-one monthly support packages, which will see Bob Weir directly supporting you as the small business owner.

Kick Start

Our Kick Start Package has been created for business owners who requires an initial helping hand.   Over two meetings we will help you to set clear goals for the future of your business, and provide the tools, advice and support to set the path to achieve these goals. Working directly with Pinpoint Business Founder, Bob Weir, he will kick start your business to help build the successful business you seek, and deserve.





Our Take Charge service is designed to do just that – help you take charge of your business. Specifically designed for the business owner with limited funds but a willingness to put in the work, Take Charge provides a series of monthly meetings with Bob Weir, and all the support calls and emails you need. Bob’s advice and support will help you to set up your business so that it starts to deliver you the kind of outcomes you hoped for when you started your small business.



Our Premium service is ideal for the business owner who wants hands-on support where business planning and systems can be taken care of. Take Charge Premium provides the same series of monthly one-on-one meeting with Bob Weir, and all the same support calls and emails you need. But with Premium, Bob offers more than just advice and actually takes on setting up the systems and process your business will need to thrive. 

Not sure which service is best for you?


Why not take the time to meet with Bob to see how he can help your business? He offers a free, no-obligation meeting, so you can discover if Bob can make a difference to your business. What have you got to lose?

To arrange your free meeting with Bob Weir, simply fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively, you can call Bob directly on 021 621 103

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Why choose Pinpoint Business?

Small business owners choose Pinpoint Business because:

  • They’re clear about what they don’t know, but need help to get their business to the next level
  • They don’t have the systems or resources in place to be able to take a holiday or break from the business
  • Their business is starting to take over their life
  • They are still responsible for ‘doing’ most of the work of the business
  • They’re struggling with the transition from a ‘worker’ to a ’business owner’
  • They feel a greater sense of responsibility and pressure now they have staff to manage
  • The business still doesn’t meet their personal and professional needs.

They stay with Pinpoint Business because: 

  • We take the time to get to know our clients as well as their businesses
  • We create solutions for our clients that are tailored specifically to their needs as well as the needs of their business
  • We offer a choice of services to fit with their budget and resource constraints
  • We give clients the confidence they need to take control of their business and their life outside of work
  • We provide a sounding board for difficult decisions and provide valuable advice based on years of experience to allow our clients to make confident, sound decisions
  • We ensure our clients take the actions necessary to get great results
  • We work hard to keep our clients engaged and motivated to keep working toward their goals
  • We guide our clients to create a business that meets their personal and professional needs.