Discover how we support and advise small business owners

We’ve taken considerable time to develop a wide range of resources and services for small businesses and their owners, at all stages. We’ve broadly categorised these into three business profiles; micro businessessmall businesses, and small-medium (SME) businesses. Choose the profile that best fits your situation to discover the advisory services and other support we provide to help small businesses thrive.

Which description sounds most like you?

Typical characteristics of the business:

  • Often a home based business

  • No employees (yet)

  • May not be financially viable (yet)

Typical characteristics of owner:

  • May lack confidence

  • Unsure of best next steps

  • May be balancing a full or part-time job

  • Passionate about the business

If this sounds like your situation, find out how we can help.

Typical characteristics of the business:

  • Likely has rented premises or other assets (e.g. vehicle)

  • Has 1-5 employees

  • Not yet where you need it to be financially

Typical characteristics of owner: 

  • Increasing confidence but "don’t know what I don’t know"

  • Business is the main source of personal income

  • Struggle to get time away from the business (holiday)

  • Struggle to spend time ON the business

  • Working longer hours (business is reliant on you)

Typical characteristics of the business: 

  • May own premises or other assets (e.g. vehicle)

  • Has 5-20 employees

  • Has a turnover of $1m or more

  • Systems in place, but not perfect

Typical characteristics of owner:

  • Plenty of business experience and knowledge

  • May need an alternative or external perspective

  • Tired – running out of ideas

  • May have had enough and looking for next challenge