Young entrepreneurs that are setting the example for us all.

By Bob Weir,  2 June 2017

In recent months I have been privileged to work with a number of young people looking to get into their own business. Some are still at University, some are soon to leave tertiary education, while others want to choose a career in small business rather than study.

One business that has just launched is Equality Squad. Laura and Gella are both in their early twenties having chosen different paths after leaving their time at school together. One is in Dunedin, one is in Wellington. Their combined passion for gender equality inspired them to start their own business to spread their message. While they are selling T-Shirts and patches (for now) what they are really selling is a message which they spell out in this extract from their website:

Equality Squad is a community dedicated to creating an inclusive dialogue and atmosphere on the hard, long, but absolutely necessary road to gender equality.

Laura and Gella are indicative of the new breed of young entrepreneur that are setting the example for us all.

They are not afraid to pursue a passion even if that passion is an idea and a message that they believe in. They are prepared to "have a go" when they have no money and no prior business experience. They are prepared to ask for help and admit they don't know (I feel humbled that I was one person they asked).

Most of all they have a clear purpose for embarking on their business endeavour and a set of values they are abiding by - to change hearts and minds.

Take a look at their website or facebook page. Buy a T Shirt or a patch to help them pursue their dream. Or you could simply visit their website and ponder how you might use the inspiration of these guys to help you in your small business.

I'll close with a quote from their website

“When you share your passion, when you share your knowledge, that’s change”
— Michelle Obama

Go Girls!!!

Bob Weir