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When and Where:

26 April, 11am

Location - Events Room 2, Gallagher Hub, Wintec


Event Details:

The workforce market is going through some major changes at the moment and businesses are getting ready for them. As small business owners understand, there are huge risks involved in hiring new people to join the team - and to assess whether the risks are worth the reward. As well as how to find those skilled people!  Our next Habit 7 session will focus on the things that are set to disrupt the workforce through topics such as:

  • Skills shortage
  • Off-shore hiring
  • Industrial changes: minimum wage, Kiwisaver, etc
  • Team turnover
  • Out-sourcing / sub-contracting options

Pinpoint Business and the Chamber are bringing together resources to help gear you up for your growing business, and growing team! 

Sonja Gardiner -
Sonia is a working mum, businesswoman and Registered Clinical Nutritionist who is absolutely passionate about food and wellness. She runs an online business, helping women on a mission to find whole-body wellness. Sonja knows the struggles and rewards of being her own boss, as well as hiring sub-contractors to assist in her growing business. 

Graham Rodgers - The Success Group
Graham is the Managing Director of Hamilton Employment firm The Success Group. Their focus is on providing solutions to both job seekers and employers, through HR-support, Health Checks, Meth-Testing as well as Policy writing and employment agreements.

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