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Red Sofa - "I'll see it when I believe it"


When and Where:

22 March 2018 - 5:30-7:30pm

Location - Wintec, Gallagher Events Room 1


Event Details:

Yes, you heard it right! We have a Project Director from the Alibaba Group, the Owner of Stark Property and an official partner of Justin Bieber coming down to H-TOWN for a chat with William at our next Red Sofa, so lock in the 22nd of March and join us.

So many times we have heard entrepreneurs and business leaders say that success comes to those who have vision! Rather than seeing it before they believe it, but believing it before they see it.

This Red Sofa, our visionary panel include:

Ken Freer - A Project Director with the Alibaba Group
Ken is an absolute marketing mogul with skills parallel to the world’s best! He has massive experience growing businesses and brands which has landed him in a much coveted spot working alongside the Alibaba Group, who are taking the world by storm! Flying out on special Alibaba business just a week after the Red Sofa, Ken is spear-heading a project with Christchurch Airport that will allow small business owners around NZ to attract more Chinese tourists and also sell their products back to China! If you haven’t heard of Aliexpress, don’t worry, Ken's got us with Kiwi-express. A booming trend and topic of discussion - come get the 411 from the master himself.

Matt Stark - Owner and Founder of Start Property
With making "Hamilton cool" as his mission, Matt has taken to the streets and placed oversized statements around town to achieve his goal! He has a dream to transform this City into a destination and he is well on track to achieving his vision, his ability to project a vision and then achieve it is second to none, he believes the key to grabbing the dream is found in the details. 

Jared Leith - Owner and Founder of Taktix Film official partners of Justin Bieber
Jared followed the beaten path right up to leaving University nine years ago, since then he has been helping companies capture their visions and sharing it as a story! He has grown from a lone wolf to 5 man wolf pack and together they have devoured some massive projects both nation wide and around the world, he has worked with names like Parris Gobel and the Royal Family, PSY, Bebe Rexha, Justin Bieber and more!

We can't wait for this one and couldn't ask for a better start to another amazing series.

See you there



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